When the owner of this recently acquired `46 Ford Coupe brought it to us for some cleaning up and a facelift it was like the proverbial Christmas present; "you don't know what you're getting until you unwrap it". Well, we unwrapped it all right and found some poorly done bodywork and some items that needed immediate attention. After discussing a course of action with the owner and getting his nod, the Custom Concepts craftsmen went to work carefully removing the damaged and rusted sheetmetal, replacing those panels that could be replaced and fabricating replacement panels by hand for the parts that couldn't be replaced. After hundreds of man-hours, the body received its custom multi-stage PPG purple paint job followed by its unique graphic treatment and clear coat. The entire body was painstakingly color sanded and polished to an absolute mirror finish. This fat fender Ford is powered by a small block Ford engine, automatic transmission, and a 9" Ford rearend. With its custom paint and laser straight bodywork this car looks simply amazing.


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